Tim Doucette Joins Garrett Discovery

Tim Doucette, Special Agent with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, has joined the Garrett Discovery Inc. team as a Digital Forensic Expert.
Tim is a graduate from the University of Central Florida and has also studied Criminal Justice Law Enforcement at Seminole State College. As a Special Agent with the FDLE, Tim was a High-Tech Cyber Crimes Certified Computer Forensics Examiner and a task force agent with the Secret Service.
Tim has been a certified Forensic Examiner with law enforcement for 8 years but has 30+ years of technical experience and certifications. He has conducted complex digital forensic examinations on all manner of electronic devices and media, utilizing a variety of forensic tools. Tim has served as an Expert Witness to the courts, including being an Expert Federal Witness.
Tim is bringing a wealth of experience, knowledge, and professionalism to the role of Digital Forensic Expert, and strives to support all of our client’s forensic needs.
About Garrett Discovery Inc.: Garrett Discovery’s top-notch audio, video, computer, mobile, EMR, and eDiscovery experts have testified in over 500 hearings and trials in 25 states. Our large modern forensics laboratory and our seasoned experts can enable you to get the positive results your clients want. With professional staff and offices in Florida, Illinois, Michigan, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Nairobi, we are immediately ready to serve your needs and enable you to fiercely fight for justice.
Source: Garrett Discovery