Tianda Gay M.’s New Book, ‘Little Andie Goes to Heaven,’ is a Heart-Wrenching Story of Finding a Way to Move Forward After a Devastating Loss

Tianda Gay M., a topnotch educator who spent thirty-five years of her life shaping the younger generation, has completed her new book, “Little Andie Goes to Heaven”: a pensive read following the life of a terminally ill young boy named Andie. Despite his condition, Andie has a loving and compassionate heart.
Tianda writes, “Andie has been sick a long time. Because he had been so loving and kind to his family and friends, God lets him come right on into heaven. Andie is greeted and escorted in by his own personal angel, Angelica.
Angelica brings Andie to meet God, someone he has been waiting a long time to see. On the way, Andie sees lots of beautiful things. He meets other angels and from a distance takes in a glimpse of God’s house. Once in God’s house, Andie is quickly embraced by his loving God. They give thanks for each other. God wants to reward Andie for being not only a wonderful son but for helping other sick children while he was in the hospital. So God moves back the angels, and Andie gets his surprise.
There, waiting for him, are some of his friends from the hospital and his grandmama. ‘We are no longer sick, and there is no more pain inside,’ they say. God then tells Andie that he can go play with his friends and be with his grandmama. That suits Andie just fine, but he asks God to please have his angel, Angelica, make one more wish come true. Andie wants Angelica to please go back and tell his mommy, daddy, sister, brother, and his favorite aunt Fannie Lou that he is healthy and happy in heaven above and that, yes, the things his mommy and daddy said of heaven are very, very true. So God sends Angelica back to deliver this message to Andie’s family. And as for Andie, he cries and hurts no more and lives with God and the angels who keep him safe forevermore.”
Published by Covenant Books of Murrells Inlet, South Carolina, Tianda Gay M.’s new book is a stirring children’s literature that moves its readers to tears as they flip through the pages. This therapeutic book aids the grieving readers and goes through with them on their healing process after finally letting go of their loved ones who are now finally free and joyful with the Lord.
Readers can purchase “Little Andie Goes to Heaven” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, or Barnes and Noble.
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Source: Covenant Books