Threat Intelligence Pioneer Joins Cybersecurity Leader onShore Security

onShore Security, one of the nation’s top Managed Detection and Response (MDR) providers today proudly announced the addition of threat intelligence powerhouse Craig Brozefsky to its growing roster of top talent leading the way in today’s increasingly complex and high-stakes cybersecurity landscape. Brozefsky joins onShore Security’s team as Senior Engineer and brings experience from his previous work on THREATBrain, a malware behavioral analysis engine. This industry-leading work led Brozefsky to a position as Director of Engineering at ThreatGRID and the company’s subsequent acquisition by Cisco. At Cisco, Brozefsky was the principal engineer, working to integrate THREATGRID’s threat intelligence capabilities across the company’s portfolio. He then went on to build and lead the team that developed the Cisco Threat Intelligence Model as an intelligence and security platform for enterprises. 
Brozefsky worked for onShore Security in the ’90s, and his return is part of a larger project for the company. Last month, onShore Security announced its expanding utilization of Elastic technology, which is being further integrated into the company’s operation. In his new role. Brozefsky will be aiding onShore in updating and refining its Elastic store and improving automation and event correlation.

Steven Kent, Chief Technology Officer of onShore Security notes, “We are excited to bring Craig back to onShore; his experience & acute awareness of the security landscape will help us continue to extend industry-leading security offerings for our clients and create an even stronger development environment for our security features. Craig shares our goals of ensuring the most secure data handling experience for our customers, and we are looking forward to growing together.”
Brozefsky explains his background and future with onShore saying, “I started my career in security at onShore; as one of the first internet security and networking service companies in the region, it was a pioneer then, and it continues to be today. My professional path took me into software engineering, and I’ve spent the last two decades building software and teams, with a focus on security products, such as ThreatGRID and Cisco SecureX and Cisco Threat Response. I’m excited to bring that experience back to onShore and pair it with the intense technical focus and personal responsibility that has been part of the company culture since the ’90s.”
He added, “It’s a cliche to say we are facing increasing cyber-security threats, and while true, we cannot deny that the field of security operations itself has grown extremely complex as the company network dissolves into multiple cloud services, small office networks, remote and traveling workers, and a constantly churning set of mobile and IoT devices. These are not problems that can be solved with a product, or a purchase, but have to be addressed by developing security operations teams and having a flexible, open SecOps architecture.”
onShore Security CEO Stel Valavanis looks forward to working with Craig again. “Craig was a key member of our ground-breaking and seminal software development team which laid the foundations for onShore Security’s Panoptic Cyberdefense® platform”, said Stel. “We grew up in a world where open source and open APIs were just emerging as the way forward just like open standards had in networking. Nowhere is this more relevant today than in cybersecurity. Systems and processes must be able to handle the immense fragmentation and the dynamic nature of the wide range of telemetry we deal with. We’re excited for Craig to re-join our development efforts and keep our company in the lead in the face of our industry’s ever-growing challenges.”
About onShore Security
Founded in 1991, onShore Security is a leading Managed Detection and Response (MDR) provider, one of only a handful of managed cybersecurity firms nationwide that performs 24/7 real-time monitoring, correlation, and analysis of organization-wide network data. The core of this defense is onShore’s team of expert analysts equipped with innovative proprietary security tools and processes. Leading organizations in heavily regulated and compliance-driven sectors ranging across Banking/Financial Services, Construction, Education, Government Services, and Healthcare depend on onShore Security to keep their assets safe, and to maintain a security posture ahead of the marketplace and cyber criminals.
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