Straight talk on our educational system in the USA. He grew up in Harlem, went to a public school that was strict, and got into Harvard before affirmative action. His third-grade teacher was intolerant of misspelled words. That would be considered a threat to a child’s self-esteem today. But Dr. Sowell said that he’s a great speller now as a result.. So who’s sorry now? The teachers union exists´╗┐ for the sole purpose giving teachers high pay and job security whether or not kids learn aa damn thing or not. Open your eyes to the basic facts. Governments now exist as a lucrative jobs programs for government workers. New test results are in, most recently for 2006, among the top 30 industrialized countries. What rank do USA students have internationally? Math: 25th. Science: ´╗┐ 21st Can’t even crack the top 20. Laura Vanderkam wrote a good article on education in the USA Today on 6-16-09, p. 9A. Basically, she says that state tests of competence have become too easy, so we need federal standards to get accurate measures — or better yet, international tests to get an honest assessment of competence and aptitude, so that suburban parents of A students can learn that little Billy would only be a C+ student in Canada.

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