Thomas Adams’ New Book ‘Too Big For Their Britches’ Is A Fascinating Read About The Matters Of Electronic Media In America And Its Impact On The Unknowing Audience

Fulton Books author, Thomas Adams, has been a second-generation radio and television broadcaster for forty years, a commercial copywriter, producer, engineer, on-air talent, news director, music director, program director, sales director, general manager, instructor, and owner. He has completed his most recent book “Too Big For Their Britches: The Matter of America’s Electronic Media”:  an entertaining work that talks about the huge impact of the entertainment industry and electronic media that greatly contributed to the economy and people’s everyday lives.
Adams shares, “It has always been important that my audiences knew how much they were appreciated by me. I mean you could be listening or watching literally hundreds of other shows, but you chose to spend that time with me. I’ll never forget that. And it is for that reason I decided to give back to you. You must know the entertainment industry, through its years of analysis, knows everything conceivable about the audience. What you like. What you don’t. How much you’ll spend and where you’ll spend it. They had to know everything there is to know about you to be the most successful they could be in their field. But I’ve always wondered, How much does the audience actually know about who’s doing the entertaining? When I would question my friends, I found it was very little in comparison. This book gives the reader an overview of the entertainment industry. Where it came from. What it’s been doing. And where it may be going from here. Some you’ll already know. Some you won’t. Some will come as no surprise. Some things might shock you. Nonetheless, when you’re finished, you’ll know more about the entertainment industry and hopefully about your power as the beloved audience.”
Published by Fulton Books, Thomas Adams’ book is an engaging read that allows people to understand how the entertainment industry works and appreciate the era of electronics in shaping the world’s history forever.  This book also discovers the undisclosed information of the people behind the entertainment industry and the influence of electronic media in their lives.
Readers who wish to experience this indulging work can purchase “Too Big For Their Britches: The Matter of America’s Electronic Media” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes store, Amazon, Google Play or Barnes and Noble.
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Source: Fulton Books