This New Patented Invention Can Customize a Bike Like Never Before

Eric Wettlaufer, the owner of Insane Chains, has just patented a new invention that will change the way cyclists customize their bike chains. 
It’s a revolutionary way for bikers to personalize the look of their single-speed bike chains with eye-catching custom colors. But what really makes this product so innovative is how easy it is to put on a bike. 
There are no messy glues, complicated instructions, or need to take anything apart. Just put the custom Insane Chain over a bike chain and then snap it into place. It’s a great way to personalize a bike in seconds.   
It took Eric years of tinkering with the Insane Chain to make the application process intuitive while making sure the custom chain stayed secure. Now it’s finally done, and bikers everywhere can easily customize their own chains.  
This invention is now available on the official Insane Chain website, and to celebrate the promotion of this revolutionary biking accessory, the first 1,000 customers will get free shipping and returns on their order. 

Eric is a biker himself. So he knows how much bikers care about personalizing their bikes. Bike chains might seem like an insignificant detail to some, but bike enthusiasts take their bike’s customization seriously. 
According to a Forbes article on custom road bikes, some bikers pay as much as $1,000 dollars just for a custom bike frame. 
This customization trend isn’t just limited to bikes either. 
A recent study by the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) found that more than 7.9 million people customize or modify their cars each year. Together, they spend  $7.2 billion dollars a year on their customizations. 
The motivation for these customizations isn’t just to improve performance. Enthusiasts have a passion for customization as a creative outlet and as a way to express themselves. 
Eric and his customers share the same passion people have for customizing cars. But instead of cars, bikes are their creative outlet. That’s why Eric is always looking for ways to push the limits of bike customization. 
His invention speaks to dedicated biker’s desires to have every aspect of their bike fully customized. “I came up with the idea [for Insane Chains] while talking about it being the only thing left on a motorcycle or bicycle that had yet to be really customized,” said Eric. 
Eric began customizing his bike chain with adhesives before stumbling upon his latest invention. He dealt with the frustrations of other chain customization solutions. They always took too long to apply, or just didn’t last. 
He experimented with adhesives and all kinds of materials before patenting his novel solution. Eventually, he discovered a way to get custom chains to easily and securely snap on top of bike chains.
Now Eric is the proud holder of the U.S. Patent 7571595. He talks more about his process, along with his journey to getting a patent, on the Insane Chain website. 
Also on the website are all the Insane Chain colors currently available. There’s a wide variety to choose from. The vibrant colors are a great way to customize the standard grey bike chains that come with most bikes.  

Right now there are eight colors to choose from: 
Each of these colors can be used on a chain. There’s also an option to get multiple colors combined in a single chain. Right now there are over 40 different color combinations to choose from. The creativity Eric and his customers have used to express themselves with these combinations is striking.
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