Thinkwell Group Releases Its 6th Annual Guest Experience Trend Report on Artificial Intelligence and Its Future Impact in Location-Based Experiences

Thinkwell’s 6th Annual Guest Experience Trend Report, released today, explores artificial intelligence (A.I.) and its applications in experiences, breaking down key takeaways and predictions for how A.I. can affect, adapt, and improve the guest experience in museums, theme parks, and beyond. With the prevalence of virtual assistants, smart home devices, and smart digital features in everyday life, the A.I. revolution is already here for consumers. At the same time, A.I. is also becoming more involved in our experiences, and there’s no shortage of ideas for what A.I. can achieve and contribute to the guest experience. 
With input from a representative sample of more than 1,300 survey respondents, Thinkwell’s 6th Annual Guest Experience Trend Report breaks down three ideas around the guest experience and integration with A.I., while also exploring the rising demand for technology and personalization. 
Three Big Ideas for A.I.:
“The potential to use A.I. for guest, brand, and operator benefit is limitless,” says Craig Hanna, Thinkwell’s Chief Creative Officer. “Thinkwell is focused on providing innovative, practical, and inclusive solutions to enhance the guest experience in any setting, and A.I. can play a big role in guest experiences and technology decisions as we look to the future.”
For Thinkwell’s insights, data highlights, and predictions on the future of artificial intelligence and guest experience, read the full report here.
With the collected survey data, Thinkwell has also developed an additional series of “deep dive” articles that breakdown A.I. and its intersection with other related topics and concerns, like racial bias, gender bias, and data security. The first two Deep Dive reports on Racial and Gender Bias and Age Gaps are available now.
Thinkwell’s previous Guest Experience Trend Reports have covered a broad range of topics including: Fan Fests & Live Events, Guest Expectations in LBE, Virtual Reality, Branded IP Experiences, and Mobile in Museums & Cultural Attractions.
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