Therigy® EHR Integration Solution Selected by Baptist Health to Create Interoperability Within Their Health System

Therigy, LLC, a trusted provider for specialty pharmacy therapy management software and services, announced today its agreement with Baptist Health South Florida, a Therigy customer, to integrate its specialty therapy management system, TherigySTM, with Baptist Health’s electronic health record system (EHR). This integration helps Baptist Health significantly improve its communications across multiple functions of its pharmacy and ensure optimal patient therapeutic success. Therigy is helping customers revolutionize information exchange of patient data to create interoperability across all pharmacy operation systems.  
 Therigy’s EHR integration solution provides a number of benefits, including:
“With Therigy’s dispensing and EHR integration solutions, Baptist Health can seamlessly share critical patient data across the continuum of care to optimize its treatment plans, improve overall patient experience, and support increased engagement between the pharmacy staff and Baptist Health’s providers,” said Joe Morse, President of Therigy.
The integration of EHR platforms with other pharmacy operation systems, such as TherigySTM, provides a real-time bi-directional communication between Baptist Health Specialty Pharmacy and providers across the system with patient therapy data, including medical conditions, therapy failure, high-risk statuses, comorbidities, and abnormalities. To learn more about Therigy’s ability to integrate with your EHR platform, click here:
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