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Published on Oct 6, 2012 by KeefTwoof RE: 9/11 “FAST FORWARD” Based on Actual Events, a short film by Peter Colon Who was Molech? Government Cover-ups: Martin Luther King Jr. Bible Believers’ Newsletter #077 Maimonides Guide for the perplexed Government Cover-ups: Martin Luther King Jr. From the World Affairs Brief: when the evidence of wrongdoing is really hot, colluding judges will seal the evidence for 50+ years in official archives to make sure that by the time the public finds out about it, all the guilty parties will be out of office or dead. This is precisely why the FBI files on Martin Luther King were sealed prior to the debate on whether King would be worthy to honor in a national holiday. According to a former Asst. Director of the FBI, who had first-hand knowledge of the facts, 14 of the 15 file cabinets full of the sealed surveillance files document Reverend King’s chronic pornography and prostitution habits, including his raunchy activities while in Sweden accepting his Nobel Prize. The other file cabinet full of evidence traces his connections to the far left and the Communist Party. Had the public known of this information, King would have been disgraced rather than honored. What we need is a piece of legislation making it a crime to classify as secret any evidence of a crime committed by government officers or

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