The ZACHOR Holocaust Remembrance Foundation Promotes Remembrance

Founded by Ben Lesser, a survivor of the Holocaust, the foundation is dedicated to providing information and answering questions to protect the memory of this horrific event.

Lesser has dedicated his life to preaching tolerance and helping individuals realize the impact the Holocaust had, not only on the survivors, but also on history and humanity as a whole. He wrote a book about his experiences, entitled “Living a Life That Matters” and works hard through this non-profit organization to ensure the newest generations are aware of the Holocaust and what it means in history. The resources he offers includes videos, personal stories, a historical timeline, a variety of activities and more, all in the name of sharing a first-person perspective of the Holocaust for better understanding.

In addition to his book, Lesser has created a StoryFile interactive AI tool that allows individuals to ask questions about the Holocaust and get real answers from someone who went through it personally. He also has a new program called the ZHC curriculum, which features a full lesson plan to help teachers more effectively teach their students about the Holocaust and leave a lasting impression.

Anyone interested in learning about any of the tools and resources offered or about the Holocaust in general can find out more by visiting the ZACHOR Holocaust Remebrance Foundation website or by calling 1-800-575-9583.

About the ZACHOR Holocaust Remembrance Foundation: The ZACHOR Holocaust Remembrance Foundation was founded by Ben Lesser, a survivor of the Holocaust who wanted to make sure the event is never forgotten. He has built a library of resources, including lesson plans, an interactive AI StoryFile tool for questions and answers, his “Living a Life That Matters” book and more. The foundation is dedicated to teaching tolerance and spreading first-hand knowledge about the Holocaust.