The World’s Most Advanced Digital Business Card App Launches

Popl announces today the launch of their new digital business card platform available for both Apple and Android. The new Popl App comes with an incredible suite of new features, offering another dimension of customization, optimization, and functionality for users. 
Co-founders Jason Alvarez-Cohen and Nick Eischens launched Popl in February 2020, which makes app-based products that let users share contact info, social media, websites, and more, with just the tap of a phone or scan of a QR code. Users can customize their digital business card (their Popl Profile) with a profile picture, logo, custom icons, any links they choose to share, and more. The Y Combinator-backed, eco-friendly company is connecting people in over 150 countries and has replaced business cards for more than 10,000 companies.
Popl’s new app was developed all in-house led by CEO & Co-founder Jason Alvarez-Cohen. The platform is free to download but also offers Popl Pro, an in-app purchase that unlocks numerous business features for pro users. Popl Pro is extremely popular and is currently in seven figures of ARR. The app has around half a million downloads with over a million impressions from its initial launch. 
The new Popl app comes with an array of high-value upgrades and much stronger user data security for everyone to enjoy. 
Users can now:
“The new Popl app combines functionality and ease of use like no app ever has. Share an optimized digital business card and scan paper business cards that you receive?! That’s what we call, a full circle. We created this new platform with our users in mind. This new app is set to disrupt the paper business card industry for good, and we won’t stop until it does,” says Popl CEO, Jason Alvarez-Cohen. 
“Our app-based products have officially eliminated the awkward number exchange at a work party or event,” said Co-founder Nick Eischens with Popl. “This new app upgrade is revolutionizing the way we connect, one download at a time.”
The Popl app is available for free on the App Store and Google Play Store. In addition, Popl products are available on Popl, Amazon,, and in-stores at Staples.
Source: Popl