The World’s Coolest Multi-Function Flashlight Launches Kickstarter Campaign

London, UK – After getting tons of feedback and suggestions from users, the people at SEPTEM Studio came to recognize they could create something that took the idea of the everyday carry flashlight to the next level. … So, they decided to bring an upgraded HUNT3.0 to Kickstarter – a similarly Ultra-Compact Pry Bar Flashlight with three brilliant color options and more applicable appearance.

SEPTEM Studio has a solid track record of bringing products to market. The team leader of SEPTEM Studio said: “Based on feedback from the backers of our previous-generation products, we’ve improved the size and strength of the pry bar, making it a more durable and robust everyday tool. Meanwhile, we added a red light option for better nighttime vision. HUNT3.0 is definitely an exciting evolution in our HUNT EDC flashlight series.”

Three LED Color Options
● White – The Pathfinder is a super-thin SMD LED module that offers brilliant light with lower energy consumption. The last longer, see further and take it anywhere.
● UV – The Explorer is a compact EDC UV light that’s perfect for verifying currency and ID, or protecting yourself with germ and fluid detection.
● Red – The Survivor is designed to help you operate stealthily in the dark. Soft red lighting allows the human eye to keep your pupils dilated, retaining, and boosting your ability to see in low light conditions.
HUNT3.0 Technical Details
● 100% Grade 5 Titanium
● SMD LED Bulb
● Built-in Resistor To Prevent Overheating
● Bulb Lifespan 30,000 – 50,000 hours
● Alkaline Battery Life – 60 Hours (Constant Use)

A multi-tool with the versatile pry bar
HUNT3.0 is a surprisingly strong pry bar. Use it to pop open a beer, open boxes, cut through materials, drive screws, and more. Although compact at 35mm, there’s enough space for a solid grip no matter the task.

Now you can use HUNT3.0 when you’re out and about in the world to press buttons, operate keypads, tap car park ticket machine buttons, hit elevator buttons, and much more—all without making direct contact with your hands.

HUNT3.0 Pledge strarts from £26(save £14 off MSRP £40) with several different reward tiers. Shipping is expected in December 2020. For more info, visit HUNT3.0’s Kickstarter site . [ t-multi-function-flashlight?ref=3jkj5u ]

About SEPTEM Studio:
Specialist in technology for real life, SEPTEM Studio is on a mission to create gadgets to save us time, hassle, and money. SEPTEM was established by a small London team who are passionate about bringing cool, sleek technology ideas to life, as well as striving to inspire others and foster an exploratory mindset. Their products include the world’s first titanium collapsible chopsticks, the HUNT22 mini-UV titanium flashlight, and the HUNT23 mini-flashlight with a pry bar.