The Unexpected Reasons We Are So Polarized

Political polarization makes everything from COVID vaccines to common-sense gun laws harder than it should be. BrainFeed has a simple solution to our polarisation.
Why are we polarized?
The demands of education and the modern economy mean we are becoming ever more specialized.
Individual specialization makes us more productive. But it also comes with a hidden cost. It’s harder and harder for us to speak to people outside our knowledge bunkers.
The results are seen across our society. Professions are increasingly captured by one political view or another – media liberal, defense conservative – because of the specialization industry now depends on.
BrainFeed aims to change this.
Our brain thrives on a balanced information diet
BrainFeed helps to address the problem of polarisation by rebalancing our information diet, with a free, tri-weekly dose of high nutrition learning.
Business, STEM, Social Science, History and the Arts. On Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, BrainFeed emails you a potent – but entertaining – story from a diverse area of human knowledge.
The psychological benefits of widening our education are increasingly well documented, with mental health and happiness at all levels showing improvements as we learn more broadly.
By thinking outside the box of our specialization we can avoid our own tendency to become polarized.
Continuing education in 2021 and beyond.
Joey Lackman conceived of BrainFeed soon after graduating from USC. He noticed the tendency of his peer group to quickly become stuck in their specialization once they began their professional lives.
Joey was fortunate to take part in the Sidney Harman Academy for Polymathic Study, attending lectures and talks by esteemed academics far outside his own area of study.
BrainFeed brings the spirit of the polymath to people who might feel stuck or frustrated with narrow specialization. It’s perfect for busy professionals and anyone interested in continuing their education in 2021 and beyond.
BrainFeed’s tri-weekly emails are the first step in a plan to build an educational digital media company to provide continuing education to everyone for free. The BrainFeed email was in launched February 2021 and has amassed an audience of 1,500 loyal readers in just over a month! Subscribe for free at
Source: BrainFeed