The Ultimate Survivor NFT Collection Website is Now Live! Play to Earn Game in Plan

The Ultimate Survivor NFT collection website is now live, and soon we will announce the minting date for the first 2.756 NFTs of 9.738 characters. The Ultimate Survivor, a brand of Deladi Software, is an NFT collection that allows each collector (or “survivor”) to get a survival kit and a chance to win eBikes or the ultimate apocalyptic truck worth 120K dollars. After finding all survivors, the plan includes a play-to-earn crypto game and breeding.
The story
An asteroid hit Earth. People think the worst has passed, but then the whole world goes wild, and only 9.738 will survive. The captivating story is now available on The Ultimate Survivor’s website. 

Deladi Software SRL is a Romanian company focused on building online projects.
Only 9.738 people will survive.
Why only 9.738 survivors? Maybe that’s the correct number, as long as they are unique. After all, it looks like we live in a copy/paste world. It is hard to be unique in the NFT market, and that shouldn’t be a surprise because we had an almost 20.000% increase in 2021 and still counting. Visa acquired a CyberPunk for $150.000, and another CyberPunk was sold for 53 million dollars, making people more interested in NFTs. Everyone wants to make an amazing collection but only a few succeed, most collections are copies after successful original collections.
First investors in NFTs make the biggest profits.
Recently all major television channels covered how NFTs are the future of art. Everybody is amazed how artists of all ages sell their collection for vast amounts of money, or people buy first hand and resell at amazing prices. The price depends on many factors like how rare and unique the NFT minted is.
The Ultimate Survivor is a collection of 9.738 survivors, with some very rare elements drawn by four artists to ensure each survivor is as unique as possible. The NFT Collection is organized in nine communities. Plans include new generations of survivors and a play-to-earn crypto game. A part of the money made from The Ultimate Survivor NFT collection will go to nonprofit organizations fighting to prevent disasters and protect the planet from climate change and pollution.
Be a survivor.
We have Discord and Telegram communities, and a Twitter page for the latest updates and info about how to buy on presale at a better price. 
About Us
The founders of this NFT collection are Tamas Moroz from as head of design and Marius Martocsan (ex Cadar) from Romanian company Deladi Software SRL as project manager. Marius built the biggest gambling community from Romania, acquired by Better Collective 3 years ago, with seven figures. Tamas designed mobile games for six years and is now involved in many successful crypto projects as a design lead.
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Source: Deladi Software