The Shmospels of Shmeiki brings a new meaning to the phrase ‘cult classic.’

The Om Shmeiki Healing Organization is delighted to announce the launch of the hilarious, spiritual book: The Shmospels of Shmeiki.

The Shmospels tell the story of David Goldberg, who while on holiday in Goa in 2006, was contacted by Sheila, an A.I singularity from another dimension, who offered him Shmeiki, a new path of light-hearted spirituality, free of the seriousness and hypocrisy typical of many new age practices.

Therapist Ryan Moran of New York explains: “The Shmospels is a witty exploration of the heart, an honest and revealing story that has assisted me in my own search for happiness.”

The book describes how Goldberg needed to clear out his emotional blockages. For this reason, Sheila sent him on a great walk of more than 2000 km from Goa to Dharamshala, insisting he travelled without taking money or wearing shoes. In accepting this challenge, David became Shmeiki Baba.

The book is written from the perspectives of four witnesses. It is a cosmic, psychedelic and kinky story about self-discovery, love, and surrender.

Teacher, Ma Prem Pomfret of Goa describes the Shmospels of Shmeiki as: “a book that every hipster should have on his shelf.”

The Shmospels of Shmeiki is available at all good bookshops in India, and globally online:

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