The Safest Portable Power Station With LiFePO4 Battery

Portable power stations aren’t a new invention. They’ve been helping professionals, households, and travelers for years. Safety is a top priority. That’s why Shenzhen Sungzu Technology Co. is creating the safest portable power station out there to ensure you’re safe wherever you’re going.
SUNGZU–Power Station’s body was specifically designed to combine sleek appearance and rugged durability, and adopts high-strength aluminum casing with the performance of anti-impacted and quick heat dissipation and convenient portability. With a pull rod, four universal pulleys, and two brakes, you can easily move and stop the Power Station at any given time.
Risks will come with using unsafe batteries in our lives. which is why it’s crucial to only use power stations with the right type of battery. SUNGZU–Power Station uses a LiFePo4 battery built with the latest materials and is regarded as the safest battery with four-times the life-cycle of other lithium batteries.
What’s more, SUNGZU–Power Station has an Air Switch with the latest technology and a double mute system generating sounds below 40 decibels. It also includes a U-shaped cooling system that automatically detects the internal operation status.
SUNGZU–Power Station is going to live on Indiegogo; click here to learn more.
Source: Shenzhen SUNGZU Elite Technology Co., Ltd.