The Rapid Response Unit, RED DOT, Is Made Up of Temporary Nursing Staff That Respond to Incidents Due to Natural Disasters, FEMA Preparations, and Other Emergencies

SpectrumACS, the company specializing in medical services for correctional facilities and state and county institutions, provides healthcare solutions in the form of temporary nursing staff, specialty physicians, digital radiology, and their unique rapid response unit. RED DOT, the emergency response team named from an incident where designated medical staff were identified by a red dot on their ID badge and locked down until the emergency cleared, is made up of Temporary Nurses that respond to incidents due to natural disasters, FEMA preparations, and other emergencies.
Today viruses and civil unrest are posing a unique threat to correctional and secured facilities, forcing lock-downs for the safety of staff and inmates. But something that can never be compromised no matter the emergency is an institution’s ongoing medical care. Barry Goldstein, President of SpectrumACS notes, “Our staff are truly on the front lines in every state and facility we serve. The pandemic and civil unrest has changed and increased demand in a number of ways which has given us the opportunity to dispatch teams like RED DOT to respond to any emergency.”
Led by SpectrumACS, a healthcare organization with more than 30 years of experience in this space, the highly specialized RED DOT team provides temporary relief nurses to psychiatric hospitals, correctional institutions, and Public Health Facilities. A RED DOT team arrives within a rapid response time and augments the facility’s existing healthcare staff to assist in caring for patients. SpectrumACS’s experienced Nurses stay inside the institution until the emergency is clear and the crisis is over. 
By providing response teams nationwide, including travel nurses to vaccination clinics, SpectrumACS has been managing provider pools of more than 100 nurses in Colorado alone. Willette Stringer, Staffing Manager for SpectrumACS, says she’s grateful for the work that their nurses have been doing to assist Colorado with the vaccine administration. “They all take pride in the fact that they are making a difference in the fight against COVID-19 and other variants by helping to put an end to the pandemic,” Stringer says.
About Spectrum ACS
Under American Correctional Solutions, Inc, SpectrumACS was launched in 2013 with a singular focus on nurse staffing and registry services. Led by a team with decades of experience in healthcare staffing and recruiting, SpectrumACS provides nursing services to vaccination clinics, mental health hospitals, correctional facilities, medical centers, and Public Health Departments across the country, with operations overseen by their corporate headquarters in Las Vegas, Nevada. American Correctional Solutions, Inc. has supplied specialty medical services and staffing to county jails, and state and federal prisons for more than three decades.
Source: SpectrumACS