The Pride App Brings 3.7 Trillion in Buying Power to LGBTQ-Friendly Businesses Across the United States

Pride App is changing the consumer experience for the LGBTQ+ community by making local LGBTQ+-owned, LGBTQ+- friendly, and LGBTQ+-managed businesses easily identifiable and accessible. The app connects the community and allies to ensure a safe and welcoming experience when shopping, dining, and entertaining. Unfortunately, it’s an all too common occurrence for those in the LGBTQ+ community to feel unsafe or targeted when walking into a business. Now, the Pride App aims to change that.
“No one should ever have to be at the threshold of a business and wonder if they’ll be targeted and mistreated for going in,” says The Pride App founder, Jonathon Pritchard. “Some people simply walk out and try another business, but for others, the experience is devastating. When I was traveling, I would turn to review apps and sites for hints about finding the best restaurants, hotels, and shops. But there was nothing that indicated whether I would be welcome with my friends at those establishments.
When I purposely sought out LGBTQ+-owned businesses, it was almost impossible to find that information quickly or easily. Worse still, I would find a great place and find out it was permanently closed. I knew I had to make things better for our community, and that’s where the idea for The Pride App was born. I want people to shop, travel, and entertain with pride!”
Creating a listing on The Pride App is free and easy. Business owners upload all the details of the business, including hours, location, services, and products available. The Pride App encourages businesses owners to keep their listing up to date and current. The LGBTQ+ community is estimated to have more than $3.7 trillion in spending power. An app that addresses and focuses on their needs is not only needed for the safety and comfort of the community’s members and allies, but its existence is crucial to the country’s economy. At a time when businesses are struggling, attracting a loyal clientele base could be the difference between subsisting in the economy and thriving in it.
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