The One Minerals Mining Owner Looi Kam Yong Announces Dymm Sultan Ibrahim of Johor as Advisor to Mining Project

Pursuant to the survey conducted in 2018 on the Land in consideration for Bauxite Ore Mining, Looi Kam Yong through his Company, The One Minerals Mining Sdn Bhd, received several Land Concessions for the same Land in 2020 from FELDA Johor.
In June 2020, Looi Kam Yong had a meeting with His Majesty DYMM Sultan Ibrahim Ismail Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar Al-Haj, the Sultan of Johor, to discuss the prospective mining exercise. Several topics such as heavy machine logistics, employment, traffic flow, mining land availability, and Material Exportation were discussed.
The result of the discussion between both parties led to DYMM Tuanku giving the green light to Looi Kam Yong’s proposal of The One Minerals Mining Sdn Bhd to lease from the Johor Royal Family, 2 jetties at Sungai Sebina and Sungai Santi for the Mining Project together with a Mining License, Mineral Ore License, Proprietary Mining Lease, Export Approval Permit, Jetty License amongst other required approvals to assist in the mining exercise.
Further, DYMM Tuanku was exclusively appointed as a Special Advisor of the envisaged Mining Project that has been undertaken by Looi Kam Yong’s Company, The One Minerals Mining Sdn Bhd, and will oversee the progress of the mining exercise.
It is expected that this Mining Exercise will see a spike in available jobs in Johor during the Pandemic, and with the proceeds of the mined bauxite and apportioned reinvestment through the Company’s philanthropic arm, will revive the Johor economy.
This is in Line with Looi Kam Yong’s effort to support His Majesty’s Goals to restore normalcy to the State of Johor by providing much-needed jobs to the Johorean people who are currently affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic. 
The proposed Project slated to start in Q3 2021 will further soften the impact the Pandemic had on the GDP of Johor which is expected to shrink between 3.5 % – 5.5% this year, a figure that is looking at being reversed, to bring Johor back in the black for the Financial Year of 2021. This is due to a 3 tier industry revitalization that will take place as a result of the aforementioned logistical needs of the Mining Exercise.
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Source: The One Minerals Mining Sdn Bhd