The New Way to Fidget: Stay on Top of the Game With the New Iconic Fidget Bottle

Elemental, a leader in pioneering drinkware and lifestyle products, has unveiled their newest product – the Iconic Pop Fidget 14oz water bottle – designed specifically for kids, this bottle is not only functional but also packed with playful features that will keep children entertained for hours. The POP Fidget Bottle features a built-in pop-it fidget on the strap, which allows kids to pop, play and drink with the bottle while staying hydrated.
But the fun doesn’t stop there. The bottle also includes a series of colorful, interchangeable silicone bands that kids can mix and match to create a unique look. The bottle can hold up to 14 ounces of liquid, and its leak-proof lid helps to keep the drinks secured. The bottle is designed with a wide mouth opening, making it easy to fill with water or other beverages. With a durable, BPA-free, and non-toxic material, this bottle is built to withstand rough play and frequent use.
Elemental is setting the trend by being first on the market for this creative product. With its increasing popularity, it has become a top choice for families when it comes to beverage containers. Elemental’s bubble strap handle serves a dual purpose – providing a secure grip making it easy to hold while in motion and it keeps children from getting bored during those long car rides.
“The new bottle invention that reshapes how little ones have a blast. By uniting two ubiquitous products – the toy and water bottle – into one trendsetting item, children can spark their imaginations as they play and increase their water intake.” – Vinh Lieu, CEO and Co-Founder of Elemental
Elemental wowed customers across the world last month when their popular bottle sold out repeatedly on Amazon. Chosen as a top Amazon’s Choice product, Elemental quickly became a go-to for anyone seeking an easy-to-use, Eco-friendly solution for hydration needs. Customers were thrilled with Elemental’s reliability and quality – so much so that supply was unable to keep up with demand.
An Amazon reviewer recently shared their opinion on the product, saying: “My son is loving his new water bottle. Had me put water in it right away to test it out. All in all, it’s cute, it keeps his water cold, and because he thinks it’s cool, its already increased his water consumption, which I am very happy about.” – Francesca Elizondo
Ashley Heier, another reviewer, also wrote: “My kids are obsessed with these bottles. Not only are they functional but the design is so fun. Stays cold all day.” 
Elemental’s innovative kid bottle not only promotes healthy hydration habits but also helps to educate children about their environment. With its unique features, this insulated water bottle is sure to take their playtime to the next level.
For more information, visit today or the company’s official Amazon product page.
Source: Elemental