The New Way Forward for Finding the Right Financial Advisor

Today, Goose Rocks Wealth announced its official launch, providing clients with one-on-one personalized guidance to accelerate their search for a financial advisor suited to their needs. Thanks to many innovative technologies, the wealth management space has never had more solutions available to clients. Now the challenge for clients is deciphering between so many alternatives. Given the importance of such a decision, the founder of Goose Rocks Wealth, Jason Pinkham, is now repurposing his own experience to provide clients with a seasoned consultant to expedite their search.
The business was founded to help clients reduce the time and uncertainty in their search for an advisor. “Whether clients are evaluating a current relationship or exploring hiring an advisor for the first time, they can leverage our experience in order to save time and help increase their knowledge level to make the right decision for their family,” said Jason Pinkham, Founder & President.
“Goose Rocks Wealth gives executives and entrepreneurs a valuable starting point to expedite their search and introduce them to an advisor that will match their stated requirements.” – Jason Pinkham, Founder & President
Prior to starting Goose Rocks Wealth, Jason was part of the founding team of Dynasty Financial Partners. While there, Jason consulted with some of the top-ranked advisors in the country while helping them establish businesses of their own.
“Executives and entrepreneurs generally don’t have a lot of extra time to properly conduct diligence of various wealth management solutions and meet with multiple financial advisors. As a result, they may end up with a suboptimal advisor simply because they don’t know what other alternatives are out there and do not want to undergo another lengthy search.  Goose Rocks Wealth provides them with a valuable starting point to expedite their search and introduce them to an advisor that will match their stated requirements.”
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About Goose Rocks Wealth 
Goose Rocks Wealth is a personalized consulting business focused on assisting clients with their search for a financial advisor. Goose Rocks uses a unique, hands-on process to identify and screen advisors that will provide specialized advice to specific groups of clients.  Each prospective client is offered a complimentary one-on-one consulting call to review their requirements in order to expedite the search to identify the most suitable advisor to support their interests.
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