The National Association of Book Entrepreneurs (NABE) Announces the Winners of the 39th Annual Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards

The National Association of Book Entrepreneurs (NABE) announces the winners of the 39th annual Pinnacle Book Achievement Awards. This year, a new member of NABE and a novice author, Joyce Crawford, wins Best Book in a Christian category. 
According to Layla Jacobson, a Good Reads reviewer, “As a voracious reader, having read hundreds and hundreds of books over the past thirty-plus years; I can honestly say The Warehouse is one of the best! Never has a fictional book touched my heart as this has.”
Brooke Frye, another Good Reads reviewer commented in her review, “… this book is fascinating, and worth every minute that you spend reading it. It is a biblical story that few people could claim to create…”
The award-winning author Joyce Crawford is a fifth-generation Floridian. Mrs. Crawford first authored a series of children’s chapter books, The Adventures of Thelma Thistle, ages 5 through 12. Two years later, this author expanded her genre to Christian historical fiction.
When asked where she got the idea for The Warehouse, Mrs. Crawford replied, “When I was a teenager, I heard an allegory used in a sermon. That allegory of the saddest place in Heaven stayed with me all these years.” When asked what makes her book unique, she shared, “The story itself is unique. When I was thinking of authoring this book, I spoke with many friends and relatives about the allegory and only one person, a friend from our teenage years, remembered hearing it. I knew then that the book would be unique.”
To further add to the unique spin, the story begins in the Garden of Eden with the changing of the fairy guard. The fairies are concerned that God is lonely after banishing the man and woman from the Garden. The fairies offer to find new friends for God. Although touched by the fairies’ concern, God offers an alternative, “Would you like to find faithful men and women to build a warehouse for Me?” From that point, the story picks up in the wilderness of the Florida territory in 1817 and follows the lives of three pioneers who eventually build a storehouse for their community. The story of building the warehouse and the lives it touches spans more than a century and a half.
Crawford admits, “It was a challenge to connect the pioneer’s lives, the settling of Graceton, the building of the warehouse, the life of a great-great granddaughter, and the numerous people whom God touched, but I am very happy with those connections and the surprise ending.”
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Source: Joyce Crawford, Author