The Most Awaiting Taxi-Hailing Solution is Here! Start Your Taxi Booking Venture with Advanced SpotnRides Uber Clone App Solution

Technological innovations and customer behavioral changes highly influence the on-demand business. This creates new opportunities for business peoples to launch the new on-demand startups every year. One such venture is taxi-booking to offer the taxi services for the wide range of people traveling from one location to another conveniently.

SpotnRides, the profound on-demand taxi-hailing startup solution provider releases the feature-rich Uber clone app to increase the taxi bookings. SpotnRides implements suitable algorithms specifically for drivers, riders, and admin platforms. A newly created Uber clone app is a cost-effective solution and matches the real-time requirements for taxi booking ventures. The platform uses advanced technologies and high-end platforms to meet the sophisticated needs of the players involved in taxi-booking startups.

Driver platform containing more specialized features of organizing trip schedules, multi-routes handling, live updates on location and the communicative support to perform the stress-free trips. The rider platform included in the Uber clone app holds the multiplicity options of preference-based driving, seamless booking of taxis in any region, and linguistic support for unforgettable trips.

Uplogic Technologies, a promising on-demand solution provider in web and mobile platforms to meet the real-time demands raised every day. Backed up with the well-qualified technical professionals having strong knowledge in such platforms, Uplogic provides satisfactory services to the all scale business. We released the Uber clone application called SpotnRides to address the various demands of the players involved in Taxi-industry.

“Starting with the objective of the best web and mobile app development company, Uplogic now develops more familiar solutions for the on-demand business. Now, we are excited to introduce the feature-rich Uber clone SpotnRides application for the entrepreneurs who have the passion to make the changes in the taxi-hailing industry”- said CEO, Uplogic Technologies. “The newly released Uber clone sets the milestone in addressing the practical difficulties to acquire more bookings for the taxi industry and increases the number of bookings with the power-up features. This Uber clone application not only engage you with the economical perks, but it also makes your services as in standardized form”

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Why SpotnRides for Taxi-booking?

SpotnRides generally develops taxi-startup solutions for new business ventures in the taxi industry. It develops the Uber-like app to address the demand-based doorstep services. The ultimate aim is to make the people comfortable in all on-demand field services. Backed up with well-managed interfaces, it supports the business professionals on maintaining the huge range of ride requests, trips attained by the drivers, and fare-assessment for each trip and reports. The process not ends, it continually updates its structures and their practices to meet the competitive demands of the taxi-industry.

The Specific Features included in Uber Clone App:

Alert on Alter, which enables all the platforms in applications gets automate updates while alterations are happening.
Trip-Experience Sharing makes the customer host their experience across their own social accounts that attract more riders towards your business.
Smart-Route Picker supports the driver to select the optimal route from the pool for timely pickup.
Preference-based Trip, that allows the riders to book well-known drivers for secure business trips.
Scheduled Travel Management, makes the corporate employees and the peoples set the trip duration in prior.

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