The Most Adventurous Jobs

The majority of the jobs on the market these days are the dependable, yet monotonous day in and day out desk jobs. However, for those audacious and venturesome types, there are careers out there that are everything except monotonous, but still just as dependable as well as lucrative. Examples of these intriguing and adventurous professions include military work, Alaskan fishing, guiding hunters, as well as a career as an Arborist.
A military career is not only exciting and constantly varied work, it is also an exceptionally rewarding career with countless benefits for those in service as well as their families. From the land-based Army, to the sea-based Navy and air-based Air Force, a career in the military is sure to offer one exhilarating experiences day in and day out as they are required to be clued in, alert, and always ready to think on their toes. The U.S. Army and the Army Reserve are the foundation of the United States’ military land operations, however, a more technically minded individual would presumably be more attracted to a career in the US Navy or the US Air Force, both notorious for their forward thinking technological equipment and machinery.
One interested in employment in one of the most profitable and risky jobs available should consider a vocation of fishing in Alaska. Obtaining a career as an Alaska fisherman is not always an easy task, as current crewmembers rarely leave their positions. Nevertheless, one who does secure a job on a fishing crew is sure to understand just how lucrative a career in fishing and crew work can be. With wages based upon a share and/or percentage of harvest/catch earnings ranging from 1.5-10% for newcomers. Bear in mind that anyone looking into these careers is advised to obtain a signed contract/work agreement concerning pay and job responsibilities before heading out to sea.
An individual who is already interested in game hunting should be pleased to know that they can get paid to hunt every day if they were to choose the unique career of a hunting guide. Hunting guides are generally trained through schools and/or programs which help those interested in guiding to learn the principal environments where the game is to be found, as well as training in protection of those they are to lead in case something goes amiss in the wilderness. The compensation for work as a hunting guide, unfortunately, is not its main appeal, however, if one truly is a hunting enthusiast the possibility of hunting as a career is a job perk within itself.
An Arborist, or a tree surgeon, is yet another professional option for those looking for an adventurous career, which is far from monotonous desk work. An arborist’s responsibilities include the management and maintenance of various plantlife, as well as focusing on the health and safety of individual trees and/or wooded areas. Requiring certification, those interested in this one of a kind profession must first pass a somewhat difficult written exam, alongside three years minimum of field experience. One interested in arboriculture and is interested in the care and preservation of nature should definitely examine further a career as an Arborist.

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