The Model-Based Systems Engineering Conference’s Registration is Now Open

Virtual Conference. The Lifecycle Modeling Language Organization is proud to announce that the first annual Model-Based Systems Engineering Conference (MBSECON), registration is now active. MBSECON is a virtual conference dedicated to learning how to achieve the digital future through MBSE. The conference is perfect for professionals and government officials, interested in expanding systems engineering to a data-driven model-based solution as well as academics that would like to stay up to date in the current usage of MBSE. MBSECON will showcase over 20 invited speakers and presentations as well as a full-day of exciting workshops and certification classes. Attendees will be able to participate in everything The Model-Based Systems Engineering Conference has to offer though our unique networking platform, Airmeet, that makes attending a virtual conference easy and allows for more meaningful connections and conversations.

About The Model-Based Systems Engineering Conference, our lead conference coordinator, Sarah Craig said, “MBSECON is the first conference completely dedicated to MBSE whether the topics be on the future of model-based systems engineering or past lessons learned. We have over 20 invited speakers and panelists creating presentations that will bring valuable knowledge to all attendees and who are looking forward to answering any and all questions they may have.”

The Lifecycle Modeling Language decided to host MBSECON in order to create more awareness for the language as well as create membership opportunities for those who want to learn and stay up to date on MBSE and the fields it encompasses. Attending the conference will entitle you to all presentations and panel sessions, the opportunity to attend all three workshops and certification classes, a free digital version of the LML specification book, and a free membership to the Lifecycle Modeling Language Organization for one year.

To learn more about MBSECON or to register, please visit our website:

About the Lifecycle Modeling Language Steering Committee- The Lifecycle Modeling Language Organization is an organization dedicated to the development and implementation of the Lifecycle Modeling Language in Model-Based Systems Engineering (MBSE). The language is the first of its kind to have its own ontology, which makes it easier for users to interact with MBSE related projects. The biggest goal of LML is to further the field of Model-Based Systems Engineering and make it easier for users of the language. This dedication to MBSE gives LML the unique opportunity to host a conference solely devoted to MBSE and the fields that encompass it