The Match That App: Presenting a One-of-a-Kind Solution Helping to Make Our Lives Easier

“The Match That App,” soon to launch globally, addresses a problem in people’s daily life experience with an inventive solution. It is a mobile application performing a “color matching” function for different fabrics, makeup items, objects, interiors, and colored surfaces. 
The app takes an innovative step towards offering a solution to a major problem encountered in most people’s lives. People often struggle to precisely match colors, reaching accurate hues and shades. Most of us relate to the sheer inconvenience of physically acquiring items that match in colors. One could be shopping for floor tiles but doubt or an incorrect color-matching reference can interfere with the goal of color coordination. 
Color coordination requires maximum accuracy, which is why guess and keen observation can often fail. In addition, acquiring two or more references can take up a lot of time in search and observation. This is where The Match That App offers a disruptive solution powered by Artificial Intelligence to carry out a color-matching function accurately.
How does it work? A user is required to take a photo of one item and a second item to gauge if both items are identical in colors. The Match That App matches two to four items in a single operation and its advanced tools are able to accurately detect different hues, shades, tones in fabrics and other items.
This means a user no longer needs to fetch items or have references on hand. Users can save up photos and share photos with friends, families, and others. Next time a user is at a designer’s boutique, a wedding planner’s office or décor shop, they are no longer required to scramble for similar-colored items and provide physical references. 
The Match That App is currently in development and is aimed at providing a holistic user experience built on the key parameters and careful consideration of a dedicated UX/UI, onboarding experience, stability, refresh rate, and seamless functionality. Additionally, The Match That App’s operation is being built to carry a best-in-class personalization factor. It’s humanized, real-time, intuitive, and accurate.
The app is specially designed for individuals keen on color coordination and aims for maximum accuracy. It is set to make the lives easier for fashion designers, digital designers, wedding planners, interior decorators, event planners, stylists and, of course, an average person looking to match the shade of their pocket square, tie, blazer, blouse, carpet or shoes.
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