The Massachusetts Recreational Consumer Council and Theory Wellness Are Partnering for an Expungement Event at Their Medical & Recreational Dispensary in Chicopee, MA

This year marks the 50th anniversary of the War on Drugs. Racial inequality has been a pervasive theme in these policies resulting in disproportionate persecution of minorities for decades. The “Reimagining Community Days” event seeks to bring transformative justice to those who have been affected by it most. 
Today, in the Commonwealth, where cannabis is legal, nearly $2 billion has been generated through cannabis sales. However, none of those funds are allocated towards the sealing of CORI records or expungements for those disproportionately affected by the war on drugs. The MRCC, with the support of Theory Wellness, is working to change that with their “Reimaging Community Days” event.
The event, to be held at Theory Wellness’ Chicopee dispensary this Thursday, September 30, will offer free legal counseling for expungements, sealing CORI records, wraparound services, and cannabis health consultations for registered attendees previously subject to cannabis-related crimes.
In today’s industry, expungements and CORI sealing are critical to healing the past woes of the War on Drugs, especially here in Massachusetts. Those who still have these records are prohibited from obtaining a license to work in the cannabis industry, prolonging systemic racial inequality. The event will help bridge that gap by bringing much-needed education and awareness to support those who need it. 
The event is open to those with past or present criminal cases filed against them in court or a criminal record (CORI) relating to a cannabis-related offense. Theory wellness will be offering free Uber services to and from their location for all who wish to attend. Those who are interested should pre-register for the event using the following link. 
About The Massachusetts Recreational Consumer Council (MRCC): MRCC is a BIPOC, women, queer founded cooperatively ran transformative justice political art and grow education center. We provide public health, public safety, racial equity, and solidarity economics education. We want to decolonize our medicine and help all consumers have access to the best choice and variety, along with the best possible quality standards for cannabis consumption.
About Theory Wellness, Inc: Theory Wellness, Inc. is an independently owned and operated vertically integrated cannabis brand. They operate retail, cultivation, and product manufacturing, across Massachusetts and Maine, including the cannabis infused seltzer brand Hi5. 
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VP of Marketing, Theory
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Source: Theory Wellness