The Luxury Network UAE and the Ascendant Group Combine Exclusive Clientele & Private Membership Models to Launch Global, Strategic Partnership to Help Executives & Companies

The Ascendant Group, an award-winning CEO branding firm, and The Luxury Network UAE, a private membership club established in luxury capitals and countries around the world, announced today a long-term, global strategic partnership that combines industry-leading Human-2-Human marketing expertise with The Luxury Network UAE’s model to help luxury brands achieve extraordinary business results, outperform their competition, and redefine their respective industries.
“The H2H marketing model is a true paradigm shift,” said Ascendant Group CEO Raoul Davis. “It forces CEOs to think about their marketing efforts in a much more intimate way, to develop emotional connection with the audience. Our expertise in branding, digital design, and media outreach will help place clients on the best path for success in the highly competitive luxury market landscape.”
Specifically, this new partnership offers product placements and collaborations, endorsements, networking, exclusive TLN-curated and TLN-sponsored events, media sharing, and exposure in local, regional and international media outlets. “This partnership was designed to help CEOs of luxury brands find the unique attributes that connect them to their audiences and to show them how to speak that language, across all touchpoints, with simplicity and style,” said TLN UAE CEO Juan Perez. “It will help us to continue to invest in creating safe spaces where our teams and members can learn, grow, and become the industry leaders we know they can be, in the luxury field and in life.”
The Ascendant Group is a CEO brand development and execution firm of 25 professionals across four continents. Built on referrals and inspired by trust since its creation in 2004, Ascendant Group has worked with the world’s leading CEOs and executives ranging from fortune 500 companies, INC 5000 fastest growing businesses, and high performing individual brands.
Ascendant is ranked #3 out of 11,400 branding agencies worldwide on Adworld Masters and recognized in the top 5 in multiple countries and regional areas for its PR and branding work. Ascendant is a Founding member of the Forbes Agency Council for top PR & Advertising firms in the world, earned the moniker of CEO Branding and Corporate Branding Firm of the Year on multiple occasions, and recognition for Best Web Design, and Top 25 Small Business Cultures.
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Founded in 2006, The Luxury Network UAE is the world’s leading luxury affinity marketing and business networking group that creates partnerships between UAE’s most prestigious luxury brands in fields such as aviation, banks, cars, jewelry, and much more. The private membership club, which hosts more than 700 members, has been described as “the next generation of marketing for luxury brands” by the British media for its ability to provide professional connections, establish trust, and broker knowledge of new opportunities.
The Luxury Network has adopted a vision for corporate social responsibility and is working with several charity and social organizations to strengthen its commitment to making a positive impact in communities and work together to fulfill our mission of shaping a better world.
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The Ascendant Group
Source: The Luxury Network United Arab Emirates