the Loner

The Lunchtime Concert Series, Episode 5. The Loner (Not the Neil Young Song) I haven’t played this song in at least 5 years, so why not try it on the Lunchtime Concert Series, where I have to do it in one take? Pretty much why i forget the words halfway through… But who will notice that. right? Country-punk? Good enough description, I suppose. Maybe Country-grunge? Alt-Garage? ANy way you slice it, a genre that calls for rough edges and blown moments. It tells the story of a guy who just, well, ran out. “The Loner lights a cigarette and bids himself goodnight.” About the Lunchtime Concert Series: The joy of being a writer is that you get to work from home. Which means you can do things at lunchtime that other people don’t get to, like popping into your music room for a quick tune on the guitar. I was chatting about this online one day, and someone asked me to send them a link to what was playing. And the idea for the lunchtime concert series was born. The only rule of the lunchtime concert series is that I have to do the song in one take. And, yes, I take requests.

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