The Local Culinary is Effective at Channeling the Demand for Home-Delivery Meals to Their Respective Franchisee Kitchens

Ghost Kitchens are without a doubt a very hot topic of the moment. The Ghost Kitchens market was predicted to gain momentum, however, their popularity was boosted because of the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020. The accelerated growth in Ghost Kitchens is also attributed to more user-friendly applications, better delivery coverage, changing consumer dining habits, and more extensive choices in accessible brands. Many investors are paying attention to a possible new gold mine in virtual restaurants.
Ghost Kitchens are difficult businesses; they need particularly good operational management skills to make them profitable. Even with professional experience, many independent operators discover they lack the corporate resources and marketing support needed in the technology-rich space of Ghost Kitchens. The same goes for the technically advanced companies that enter in the space but are unfamiliar with restaurant operations.
The Local Culinary is the first virtual restaurant franchise in the USA, with a business model that helps brick-and-mortar restaurants and Ghost Kitchens take a share of the food delivery pie without taking unnecessary risks.
The Local Culinary sells to franchisees/operators the right to offer certain proven restaurant brands. The company’s 50 different virtual restaurant brands have all been designed to be profitable and suitable for the high demand in take-out and delivery. The Local Culinary provides a full range of support services and resources to franchisees including complete technical support, menu development, online and social media marketing, and culinary support with training from certified chefs. Unlike other Ghost Kitchen business models, The Local Culinary’s primary focus is to add virtual restaurants within already existing brick-and-mortar restaurants.
The Local Culinary business model reduces unnecessary risks and minimizes costs to the operator. The Local Culinary economizes the costs of operations for restaurateurs and operators. Since kitchen labor, equipment, rent, utilities, and other overhead costs are already underway, the operator sees greater profits from the added revenues of the virtual brands and online delivery.  
The Local Culinary is effective at channeling the demand for home-delivery meals to its respective franchisee kitchens. These additional revenues are realized without incurring additional marketing and administrative costs. By adding virtual brands to their already existing operations, operators retain higher gross margins on additional sales they normally would not have experienced.
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