The Knowledge Group Has Scheduled a Live Webcast on National Developments in Trade Secret Misappropriation

Event Synopsis:
Trade secrets are among the most valuable assets for businesses. Because of their significance, corporations have continued to increase protections over their confidential materials, and the legal landscape has evolved, including passage of the federal Defend Trade Secrets Act. However, misappropriation cases still abound.

Amidst the evolving legal landscape, it is imperative that companies and their counsel understand the latest developments to prevent against the risks of trade secret misappropriation. Understanding appropriate strategies for litigating cases and maximizing or minimizing damages is also of paramount importance.

In this LIVE Webcast, trade secret experts Christopher DeBaere (Hoffman Alvary & Company LLC) and Thomas Woods (Stoel Rives LLP) will offer a discussion on how businesses can effectively protect their trade secrets and, thus, manage misappropriation risks. Speakers will also offer practical strategies in bringing out the best in these lawsuits considering notable cases.

Key topics include:
• Recent Legal Developments
• Notable Cases
• Managing Top Trade Secret Misappropriation Risks
• Damages – Key Issues
• Litigation Strategies

Speakers/Faculty Panel

Christopher DeBaere, CFA,
Hoffman Alvary & Company LLC

Thomas A. Woods
Stoel Rives LLP

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