The Journey of Looi Kam Yong, Owner of The One Minerals Mining, to Johor Job Creation Initiative During a Global Pandemic

The rising success story of Looi Kam Yong who is an emerging pioneer in the commodity mining industry is that of a person who has displayed rare achievements in a short period of time. This story is also of a person who has a significant impact on the Malaysian economy and mining industry due to his wealth and current investment in the industry. He is a 9th Generation Mining Entrepreneur, with his Great Grandfather, Looi Pak Chiu starting the mining family business by mining Gold in Toronto and San Francisco. 
Fast forward to 2009, the Tin Price went up from 15,000 USD per metric ton to 20,000 USD per metric ton. Also, at this time the Second Bridge in Penang resumed construction and Looi Kam Yong’s firm supplied sand to the construction site for four years. This time was an upward turning point in Looi Kam Yong’s career where he reaped the most profits since he began his career in mining.
In 2012, Looi Kam Yong’s search began for exploration of Bauxite for Aluminum in Kuantan in which a survey and market study for the lucrative returns of mining of this material was done for 2 years. In 2015, Looi Kam Yong invested in a Mining Company called Watan Bijaksana which had existing mining concessions. Through investment in this company, Looi Kam Yong gained his experience in Bauxite exploration and finally went on to start his own business of Bauxite exploration and mining in 2016 that we now know as the “Million Dollar Company”, The One Minerals Mining Sdn Bhd.
In 2018, a land in Pengerang, Kota Tinggi, Johor was in consideration for bauxite ore mining and a positive survey was conducted leading to the acquisition of several land concessions in 2020 for the purpose of mining from FELDA Johor under The One Minerals Mining Sdn Bhd.
Looi Kam Yong, owner of The One Minerals Mining Sdn Bhd, in June 2020 had forged a partnership with His Majesty DYMM Sultan Ibrahim Ismail Ibni Almarhum Sultan Iskandar Al-Haj, the Sultan of Johor, in which His Majesty shall be an advisor, and will oversee the progress of the Mining to take place on the aforementioned land. 
Looi Kam Yong, mining magnate, through this mining exercise will result in job creation in Johor during the pandemic, and by proceeds of the mined bauxite and reinvestment through the company’s philanthropic arm, will revive the Johor economy.
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Source: The One Minerals Mining Sdn Bhd