The Inventor of the Jelly Belly® Jelly Bean Has Done It Again! Join His NEW Treasure Hunt and Look for the Gold Ticket

The man who invented Jelly Belly® jelly beans has done it again! The Candyman’s Treasure Hunts have had GREAT success over here at The Gold Ticket™. Solvers have been awarded over $300,000. We have gotten thousands of stories about how positivity spread throughout the country and ignited the desires of exploration and treasure hunting for many families. David Klein is the founder of The Jelly Belly® jelly beans and now Tricky Treasures.
We are now thrilled to introduce our new treasure hunting book, The Candymans Treasure Hunt, The Orb Traveler. This book was created to give our treasure hunters a challenge like no other and a chance to find a Gold Ticket™ Treasure worth $100,000. This treasure hunt will take great solving skills and boots on the ground somewhere within the lower 48 US States.
The Candyman’s Treasure hunt book is available now on our website This book will contain clues with a location where the Gold Ticket™ is hidden. It’s up to the searchers to try and decipher the story and locate it. This will be one of the most challenging, fun and adventurous hunts we have done to date. Our goal here at The Gold Ticket™ has been simple since day one. We want to get everyone out of the house and having fun, this includes grandma and grandpa, kids and the whole family. Amazon continues to sell out of the paperback version. The adventure creates memories that will last a life time, and everyone loves a treasure hunt. To hear the stories of our 2020 treasure hunt finders, you can read our book 50 State Adventures and Memories Made. 
About David Klein: David was born in Syracuse, NY and grew up in the Los Angles, California area. After getting a law degree, David decided his passion for candy was much stronger than any other ambition he had. In 1976 David created The Jelly Belly® jelly bean and marketed it worldwide. He has appeared on the Mike Douglas show, Regis Philbin show, in People Magazine in his iconic bathtub of jelly beans. David has been a philanthropist all his life and has mentored many entrepreneurs to astronomical success. His love for people is shown in everything he does. Please watch on Amazon Prime Candyman The David Klein Story. 
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