The Hundred Wellness Centre Redefines Fitness With RecoveRing

Dubai, United Arab Emirates – The Hundred Wellness Centre, a holistic wellness destination located in Dubai proudly announces the inclusion of RecoveRing in their yoga classes. This is made possible by yoga instructor and RecoveRing pioneer Sophie Boo.

The Hundred explains that RecoveRing is the perfect tool for individuals who want to make the most out of their pilates and yoga workouts.

“ This exercise tool is the perfect companion for anyone who is looking to take their yoga or pilates exercises to the next level. It effectively relieves tight and sore muscles, reduces edema or swelling in the muscles due to the accumulation of fluid in the tissues.”

According to the experts at The Hundred, the RecoveRing emulates the physics of archery, which involves pulling, holding, and releasing. They proceed to explain;

“In the same way, we pull the string from the bow, we stretch the body, hold the position, and eventually release. This relieves muscle tension and stiffness of the muscles. RecoveRing’s structure is also reminiscent of the shape of a bow.”

When asked about the benefits of the exercise tool, The Hundred enthusiastically responds:

“We are excited to have Sophie Boo to help us make RecoveRing known in Dubai. Its benefits are focused on relieving muscle tension and helping the mind and body recover through stretching and strengthening. It disperses pressure and efficiently targets muscle areas that need work. It also has a massaging effect through its shape.”

The Hundred also describes the materials of RecoveRing as sustainable and made from 100% German wood fibres. It is also biodegradable and toxic-free as exemplary of the qualifications to receive the Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification (PEFC).

“Its makers believe that using sustainable resources is a necessity and never an option therefore, it is made from PEFC certified materials.”

Meanwhile, yoga and pilates enthusiasts can experience the unique benefits of RecoveRing by enrolling in yoga classes at the Hundred Wellness Centre.

About The Hundred
The Hundred is founded by Asma Lootah – an avid health and fitness enthusiast, and sportswoman. After practicing and falling in love with Pilates, Asma became the first Emirati woman to own a Pilates studio in the UAE. Through her vision and dedication, a centre that started as a modest studio in Healthcare City has gone on to become one of the leading health centres in Dubai.