The Hike, Big N Funky Productions’ First Full Length Feature Film to be released Q4 2020

Anticipating the upcoming expansive void of new entertainment, Big N Funky Productions has switched from making television programs and completed production on a full length horror movie. The movie, “The Hike”, is based on true events and an infamous Native American legend named Spearfinger. The film stars Kandi Thompson (Haunted Graves) and Vinnie Vineyard (Wrestling With Ghosts, Snapped) as a couple with some relationship issues who are looking to rekindle the magic on a three day hike in the Great Smoky Mountains. The fun starts to dissipate when they start finding evidence of possible criminal activity scattered throughout the trails, and the deeper they plunge into the wilderness, the more hopeless they feel.

Things take a turn for the worse when the couple runs into a massive trio, played by Big Luke Walker (Nashville, Mars Variety Show), Travis Graves (Haunted Graves), and Scott Lane (The Walking Dead, Spiderman Homecoming). The intentions of the trio are ambiguous, and the couple tries everything to escape the woods before violence ensues with their new adversaries.

For a horror movie, the film is also filled with a fair amount of comedy, and includes vignettes of a gaggle Furries, an Elvis impersonator, and dimwitted pro wrestlers. In addition to tension, gore, mystery, comedy, adult situations and the paranormal, the film features one of the most spectacular non-CGI fight scenes since James Cagney’s “Blood on the Sun” in cinematic history.

Big N Funky Productions is looking to release “The Hike” before Halloween 2020.

-Valdean Pouncie