The Hidden Social Media Network of CEOs (And How to Get Invited)

Anyone who hasn’t been rubbing elbows with Europe’s elite or following the underground tech scene has probably been missing out on the wave of investors and entrepreneurs taking social media by storm.
Far from the loud attention-hungry CEOs of Silicon Valley, a growing community of quiet startups is building the real future of business. Thanks to the Durov brothers, founders of Europe’s biggest social media network, and their trending Telegram messaging platform, there’s a revolutionary new startup community: Idea Factory. From funding or business education to mentorships, this is a one-stop-shop. 
A world away from the stuffy boardrooms of the past, this is a behind-the-scenes space for CEOs and investors to connect. As the largest business network on Telegram, this is a simple and straightforward way for entrepreneurs to put their ideas in front of tens of thousands of people who have been waiting for the next big thing.
Five-minute “smart meetings” with investors
Idea Factory has turned the idea of pitching a business on its head, and it all starts with an AI assistant. The Idea Factory’s PitchBot is every entrepreneur’s best friend. This brilliant robot takes entrepreneurs through a complete pitch session in five minutes. They walk away with an elevator pitch video and the idea is then thrown in front of 60,000+ people.
Social media-style popularity contests for startups 
Forget the business suit and PowerPoint presentation. At the Idea Factory, it’s all about turning heads – and fast. Each would-be CEOs has 60 seconds to pitch to tens of thousands of industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and investors who are ready to judge each idea in a unique kind of startup contest. 
Every week, prizes are given for popular ideas and expert top picks. Each pitch is given feedback and anyone can ask questions about their business. Popular ideas are awarded cash and the would-be CEOs are entered into mentorships.
How to enter the current 50k funding session 
A key investment group at the Idea Factory is looking to expand from its core European base to find the next big thing internationally. For would-be entrepreneurs across the planet, this is a chance to get an instant cash injection. 
For the next week, the Idea Factory has opened its door to a limited number of entrepreneurs with two key opportunities. 
Ready to really make this happen? Join the startup community at Idea Factory and promote that startup video on Twitter with #StartupHunters. 
Nicci Mende
Source: Idea Factory