The Herbalife Story; Part 1/3 – Herbalife Independent Distributor – The Herbalife Story; Part 1 Herbalife, one of Americas most incredible success stories. Learn how everything has begun, with Mark Hughes and his Dream to change the nutritional habits of the world for a better health, and the opportunity of financial independence. Herbalife Independent Distributor, New York, United States We are serving customers in 85+ countries. Personalized Customer Result Coaching. Website and Shop: Call +1-917-675-3437 Nutrition Coaching – Personalized Customer Coaching – Distributor Team: “People helping People to live a better and healthier life” Herbalife a global leading Wellness and Nutrition Brand. And is growing with an unprecedented momentum globally. Got excellent long term track records. In 2011 added $1.1 Billion to its revenue and is continuing its global success. Now is the perfect time to join momentum and premier credentials. If you are looking for a solid, great and honest part-time opportunity, you can join an international team of honest caring people. An take advantage of an unparalleled momentum. Products, Science, Credentials, Compensation and Recognition best in class. The Opportunity offers Retail, Wholesale, Residual Royalties and Bonus Income. Compensation and Recognition is unrivalled. Earning potential are 73% on the Retail Value. The best is, the business is easy and you can start part-time and becoming your own boss, well supported, trained and mentored. The hottest Trend

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