The Global Blockchain Business Council Expands Global Reach to 76 Jurisdictions and Disciplines With the Appointment of 2021 Ambassadors

The Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC), the leading industry association for the blockchain technology ecosystem, is proud to announce the appointment of its 2021 Ambassadors, officially expanding the organization’s global reach to 76 jurisdictions and disciplines. 
The group of GBBC Ambassadors is an exceptional collection of super-connectors, innovators, and changemakers hailing from diverse backgrounds – with an emphasis on technology, governance, law, finance, civil society, and academia. Since its inception, the GBBC has relied on its global Ambassador network to expand the organization’s global community, presence, and impact. GBBC Ambassadors act as trusted advisors to the GBBC’s leadership and members, providing invaluable guidance and assistance on how to engage with diverse global communities to carry out the GBBC’s mission to the highest of standards.
The 130 GBBC Ambassadors span six continents, 68 jurisdictions, and include subject matter experts in the fields of Art, Music, and Entertainment, Science and Technology, Environment, Education, Healthcare, and Data Security. With the inclusion of several first-time Ambassador appointees, the GBBC’s global presence will grow to include 18 new jurisdictions: The Bahamas, Balkans, Bangladesh, Colombia, Cyprus, Ghana, Gibraltar, Ivory Coast, Kenya, Luxembourg, Morocco, Niger, North Macedonia, Pakistan, Philippines, Serbia, Spain, and Sub-Saharan Africa.
Sandra Ro, CEO, Global Blockchain Business Council, said: “Blockchain technology’s development and progress is rooted in mass, global collaboration. As such, the GBBC has worked tirelessly, since its inception four years ago, to grow and develop a diverse network of builders, leaders, and pioneers who represent some of the top talents in their respective jurisdictions and areas of expertise.
“Our 2021 cohort of Ambassadors is a culmination of these efforts and exemplifies the global community required to develop the next multi-trillion-dollar industry and build more secure, equitable, and functional societies during this watershed moment in history. The GBBC is honored and humbled to work with such a diverse group of luminaries.” 
A complete list of GBBC’s Ambassadors is available here:
For an overview of GBBC’s activities and membership, read GBBC’s 2021 Annual Report:
Source: Global Blockchain Business Council (GBBC)