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– 24 MORE Questions & Answers not discussed here: VERY DETAILED Fan-created Wiki on the show: Join host Jonathan Paula as he takes you behind the scenes of “Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This?” to ONCE AGAIN answer some of your most frequently asked questions, on location from beautiful Hollywood, California! Updated for 2009! ++++++++++++++++++++++++ FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS! *As of June 15, 2010* Q: What have you already microwaved? A: Q: Who are you guys? A: I am Jonathan Paula – I produce, edit, direct, co-host, film, and control this YouTube account; Jory Caron is the host & writer, Riley McIlwain is the sidekick, and still-photographer. Q: Age, location, education? A: I’m 24, I live in Quincy MA. I graduated Emerson College in 2008 with a degree in Television Production & Radio Broadcasting. Jory is 22, he lives in Roxbury, he dropped out of Emerson in 2008. Riley is 18 and lives in Lynn, MA – he’s a HS graduate, and is attending Salem State College this fall. Q: Where did you all meet? A: Jory and I met at Emerson College in 2006. Riley and I met when he was just a few months old, as our parents are close friends with each other. Q: What’s the history behind the show? A: Jory found a bunch of microwaves… and wanted to “test” one of them. I decided to film the results. Q: Where do you get the microwaves, how do you afford them? A: I buy them used on for around $30 each – the show’s budget pays for them. Q: Where do you film

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