The Event-Based Business Thriving During the Pandemic

The event industry has without question been one of the hardest hit during the pandemic. No large gatherings, venues being shut down, and many restaurants/bars resorting to permanently closing. This has resulted in postponing weddings, concerts, festivals, and nearly anything involving crowds. Some companies were able to tread water but many people are seeing their life’s work come to end.
Strangely enough, during this downturn one event-based sector has seen a growth in demand. The mobile bar business. Hub Tap Mobile Bar Co. has seen an influx of inquiries come through as soon as the shutdown started.
Initially, people were paranoid they wouldn’t be able to have their wedding or 50th birthday party. As a result, they were booking out two years in advance not knowing when the pandemic would be over. Everyone assumed people would be locking up vendors at the same time when restrictions were lifted. 
Then, as more information was released, customers started booking dates that were only two or three months out. They initially opted for outdoor events and socially distanced gatherings. From there it progressed to where we are currently. A position where people are largely aware of the situation and are making an informed choice to gather as safely as they can.
Here are some of the main reasons mobile bars have been prospering while other restaurants and event services are hurting:
Many of the restaurants that are allowed to operate are limited to delivery or reduced capacity. This may allow them to survive but that’s not enough. Mobile bars are the answer for restaurants, bars, or entrepreneurs to make some extra money during the pandemic.
Hub Tap’s CFO Nick Frasse stated, “Similar to other event-based services we were worried. After the first wave passed, we knew everything would pan out alright. The surprise was when we actually saw an influx of business.”
People are social by nature. Between pandemic divorces, layoffs, and quarantining for months at a time, everyone is wanting some normalcy.
That may not happen for a long time but Hub Tap is here during the interim. This new and growing franchise is helping entrepreneur-minded people get back to serving those who are ready.  
About Hub Tap:
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