The Energy Industry’s Newest Marketplace, the Beachwood Helix, Hires Jared Swartz as a Strategic Portfolio Manager

Beachwood, an energy marketplace where family offices and oil and gas companies can discover custom energy deals, has hired industry veteran Jared Swartz as a Strategic Portfolio Manager. Designed to help companies buy and sell more, and faster, the Beachwood Helix is a highly advanced networking site for energy (both carbon and renewable) buyers, sellers, vendors and non-profit organizations.
Jared joined the United States Marine Corps in 2008 and served overseas in Afghanistan during Operation Enduring Freedom 2010-2011.
After serving in the United States military, Jared began his career in energy with Marathon Oil in 2013, followed by Continental Resources in 2017. Jared acquired extensive knowledge in reservoir engineering, petroleum economics, reserve and resource estimation, and detailed Acquisition and Divestment valuation modeling. Jared’s special projects included a study over reliable technology area with targeted experience in oil and gas plays in the Mid-Continent and Bakken.
Jared holds an Associate of Arts and Sciences Degree in Diversified Business Studies from Oklahoma City Community College and is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science Degree (Finance) from The University of Oklahoma.
Jared has continued to expand his influence and community network through volunteering operations at Dale K. Grahams Veteran Foundation, in which he assists other disabled veterans fight for their VA benefits they fought to earn.
Jared, his wife Britni, and their seven children reside in Norman, Oklahoma, serving at his local church and assists in coaching his kids’ sports teams.
About Beachwood Helix:
The Helix is a Highly Advanced Networking Site for Energy (both Carbon and Renewable) Buyers, Sellers, Vendors and Non-Profit Organizations.
Buyers can discover custom Energy deals using next-generation technical reservoir engineering software with transparent data-driven analysis to predict which deals match their buying targets.
The Helix allows Sellers to receive a no-cost valuation of their assets and the ability to sell their assets commission-free.
In-Network Vendors can connect to both Buyers and Sellers, focusing on relational business development during the deal timeline.
Non-Profit Organizations can connect to buyers and sellers to provide educational resources.
The Beachwood Helix site launches on Jan. 1, 2022. 
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