‘The Dealer Playbook’ Podcast Celebrates 7 Years of Success

This year marks the seventh anniversary of The Dealer Playbook, a top-rated car sales podcast that explores what it takes to create a thriving career in the retail automotive industry. Hosted by FlexDealer CEO, Michael Cirillo, each weekly episode features interviews with subject-matter experts from both in and out of automotive. Since it began in 2014, The Dealer Playbook has remained a top-rated global podcast.
The show has been featured in New and Noteworthy, What’s Hot, and iTunes Top Charts, and is currently ranked as a Top-50 all-time Marketing Podcast in Canada, Top-50 Management Podcast Worldwide, and an Apple Podcast Top 20 Marketing podcast in the United States and Canada. With over 5 million downloads and counting, The Dealer Playbook’s seven-year anniversary is something to celebrate.
Weekly Interviews with Esteemed Business Moguls, Best-Selling Authors, and Noteworthy Dealers
Each week on the show, Michael leads guests through dialogue that is informative, forward-thinking, energetic, and inspiring. Over the course of 400+ episodes, Michael has interviewed hundreds of industry celebrities, including Grant Cardone, Bob Lanham, Gary Vaynerchuk, Alex Flores, and many others, with topics covering everything from automotive trends to business growth strategies. The commentary he provides has helped catapult him onto stages around the globe as a sought-after industry leader.
“We’re on a mission to explore what it takes to create a thriving career within the retail auto industry. We want to empower automotive professionals to think bigger, reach higher and go further than they ever thought they could, and to bring them inside conversations that provide context to developing a thriving lifestyle.” 
– Michael Cirillo
The podcast isn’t only popular among automotive enthusiasts but also speaks to a wide range of listeners who are interested in marketing, creative content, sales, leadership, and so much more. The show has had an impact on empowering and improving the careers of countless businesses worldwide and attracted some of the biggest companies in the retail auto industry. 
A Dynamic Duo: The Dealer Playbook and FlexDealer
The Dealer Playbook and FlexDealer remain connected at their cores. From sales strategies to automotive marketing and more, The Dealer Playbook has proven to be an engaging platform to discuss many of the topics that are important to FlexDealer’s automotive clients and dealership owners around the world.
You can listen to new content or access previous episodes of The Dealer Playbook on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or your favourite podcast app. 
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