The Cannigma to Be Featured on Ted Danson’s CNBC Show

CNBC’s “Advancements With Ted Danson” is scheduled to run a special feature on science-based cannabis publisher The Cannigma in its upcoming episode this Saturday, April 24.
Featuring Cannigma CEO Elana Goldberg, cannabis researcher and pediatrician Dr. Orit Stolar, and Perry Davidson, CEO of medical vaporizer company Syke, the segment explains why progress in the field of cannabis is dependent upon educating the broader public about the plant.
“Education is going to be crucial when it comes to the cannabis industry expanding,” explains Goldberg in the episode. “If lawmakers properly understand what we now know from cannabis research about the plant, they are going to be able to make the right laws which are going to help cannabis businesses really thrive.”
Once that type of regulatory transformation takes place, Goldberg continues, “researchers are going to be able to look into the myriad uses for the plant, healthcare providers will have all of the information they need to treat their patients well.”
The tools being developed by The Cannigma are an important pillar of that massive undertaking of educating the world about cannabis and allowing anyone to make decisions for themselves about the plant — based on reliable scientific research.
After airing on CNBC, the episode will be available for streaming on Amazon Prime.
The Cannigma is a cannabis content platform that creates and distributes cannabis information, products and services while maintaining an unbiased scientific approach.
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Source: The Cannigma