The Brewerie at Union Station is holding a Brew Year’s Eve on December 31st at Banquet Halls Erie PA

Erie, PA – The Brewerie at Union Station is welcoming everyone to their Brew Year’s Eve event to be held at the station’s banquet halls in Erie PA. The event is organized by the best restaurants in Erie PA( ).

Fliers are already out in the readiness to one of the best event to be held on December 31st. This New Year’s party has been organized by the best restaurant in Erie PA the Brewerie at Union Station in conjunction with Concourse which is also in the same location. The Brewerie has been opened on the premises that have had a lot of history behind it. This building dates back to the 1865 when the construction of the building was started.

“The event is one of the biggest New Year’s parties to be held in town” some of the official at the Brewerie and Concourse have been heard saying. On this event, there will be so many things happening. Entertainment will be offered the Man’s Room Band at the Concourse and there will be a dance party held in The Rotunda with DJ John. There will be the usual menu at the Brewerie and the beers will be freshly made for the event participants.

The entrance tickets to the event are costing $40 per person and they include open bar and hors d’oeuvres. Tickets will be obtainable at the gate but there are also advance tickets that are limited in supply. The advance tickets have been obtainable for sale since Monday 12/12 at the Brewerie restaurant. These Erie PA restaurants( ) have come together to give their clients the best entertainment and there are more entertainment coming next year to usher in the New Year.

The Brewerie is known for its meals and the fresh brewed beer it sells at the Union Station. There are also private balconies for two which have attracted so many travelers who have passed through this station. The service at the Brewerie is also one of the best and holding this party will go a long way in making sure that people get to know about it.

For more information about the event call now 454-2200 or visit .