The Big Bang – Unity Verifies GODBOX Computers

On-Set Facilities (OSF), the on-set technology company, are pleased to announce that they are now a Unity Verified Solution Partner. Being a Verified Solution Partner means that Unity’s quality assurance team has confirmed that OSF technologies, including the company’s low latency GODBOX workstations and Servers developed for real-time production, are compatible with the latest releases of the Unity editor.
“We are excited to begin working with the teams at Unity to bring better user experiences to sets and stages worldwide,” said Asa Bailey, Director of Virtual Production and the Founder of On-Set Facilities. “We developed the GODBOX low latency computer specifically to answer the challenges of working in real-time visualisation, collaboration and virtual production.
The GODBOX computer platform is engine agnostic, but through user testing, we found that the Unity engine offers many advantages, especially in terms of usability, stability and speed, for our users. Unity also provides the tools and functionality that we need in real-time virtual production and OSF hardware takes advantage of the latest NVIDIA technologies, including AI-enhanced graphic processing using DLSS and Real-Time Ray Tracing, both are fully supported in Unity”
As a Unity Verified Solutions Partner, OSF will bring scalable, stable, reliable, low latency computing, on-set. For instance, the OSF GODBOX Pro Workstation, is the world’s first computer designed specifically for on-set crew use, with plenty of headroom in terms of processing power, it has a rugged military-grade shock case, and importantly for a machine designed to go on-set, it idles below the noise level of human hearing.
Low latency, silent, rugged, and designed for purpose, GODBOX is rapidly establishing itself as the on-set computer platform of choice, for the film and media industry.
The GODBOX Cloud solution connects disparate GODBOX artists and studios to work together remotely and was developed by OSF with the support of the Welsh Government, during the COVID pandemic. Today in conjunction with GODBOX local servers, GODBOX Cloud is being used by studios worldwide, as the low latency backbone of choice, for both on-set and cloud production, real-time workflows.
Set-up by the Director and Cinematographer Asa Bailey, On-Set Facilities (OSF) was founded in 2016, in an R&D lab, set in Snowdonia Mountains of North Wales. The labs mandate was to develop solutions to the challenges Bailey faced on-set as one of the very first pioneers of in-camera VFX and real-time virtual production.
Today, thanks to the boom in interest in virtual production technology, OSF provides technology and support to production companies and studios around the world from OSF labs in the UK and USA.
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Source: On-Set Facilities