The Argyle Diamond Trifecta Has Been Accomplished

Diamond Cutters International today announced The Millennia Collection ™, a never-before-achieved collection of the world’s finest pink, red, and violet diamonds. It constitutes a one-of-a-kind, incredibly valuable collection of the world’s rarest and most beautiful colored diamonds from the Argyle Diamond Mine. With the 2020 closure of the Australian mine, the price of colored diamonds is set to skyrocket. The compilation of an argyle pink, red, and violet diamond in a single collection is known as “The Argyle Trifecta™”.
“This collection unites the world’s greatest red, pink and violet diamonds of their classes and uniquely affords the opportunity to appreciate all Argyle Diamonds have to offer,” says Fred Cuellar, CEO at Diamond Cutters International and author of the International Bestseller “How to Buy a Diamond”.
The final Argyle Diamond Tender, for 38 years an annual invitation-only event for the ultra-exclusive world of colored diamond collectors, is widely considered to be a cataclysmic event in the world of diamonds, and bids close Sept. 1, 2021. Says Cuellar, “With the last 70 stones up for bid in the final Argyle Tender, that will make only 2,060 Argyle tender diamonds, most already secured away in private collections for long term investments. Any time a stone comes onto the market, it is going to cause a stir among collectors.”
Features of The Millennia Collection™:
The Millennia Red ™
The Millennia Violet™
Formerly known as the Argyle Allure™. 2012 Tender Lot 57 Hero Stone
The Millennia Pink™
Fred Cuellar, The Diamond Guy®, is now available for interview on Argyle Diamonds, the closing of the mine, the Argyle Trifecta, diamond collection and investment, colored diamonds, and the world diamond market. For more information on, including photos and videos of The Millennia Collection™, visit
About Diamond Cutters International & CEO Fred Cuellar:
Fred Cuellar is founder and CEO of Diamond Cutters International and is known as one of the world’s top diamond experts.
Cuellar is the diamond expert and consultant for The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Houston Chronicle, and MSNBC. He has been the jeweler for 5 US Presidents and the Saudi Royal Family and is the official jeweler for Red Bull and Lionsgate.
He has been featured on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, NBC’s Today Show, CBS Morning News, CNN, ESPN, Cosmopolitan, US Weekly, In Style as well as over 100 other news and talk shows.
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