The Amazon of Black-Owned Businesses Launches Just in Time for Juneteenth

The internet can be a hard place to explore, especially when a shopper is trying to support black businesses. The budget of a company can really dictate whether a shopper finds them or not, and barriers to entry stop a lot of Black-owned businesses from reaching the entire market that is actually seeking them out. 
This is the problem that hopes to eliminate. The concept of BFM is to allow any Black-owned business (at least one black owner with 51% or more majority stake) to advertise their products on for free. BFM doesn’t use the directory approach, instead it aggregates products in categories and searches and deep links products to their respective sites’ purchase page. wants their visitors to be able to easily search and filter through the wide variety of Black-owned products and purchase them through their respective stores. BFM’s inventory is growing every day and has over 350 products from 30+ black-owned businesses.
The Philosophy of is “Exposure not Exploitation”. The site’s owners aren’t charging any businesses to display their merchandise right now, because they want the world to be exposed to the great wealth of Black-owned products that are scattered all over the internet. As of right now, BFM is generating revenue through donations from anyone who wants to support this project, a Link to’s Donation Page is below, and in the next few months they will be releasing an optional subscription service for their visitors that will include exclusive discounts and products from participating Black-owned businesses.
So this Juneteenth, for anyone who has ever wanted to show support for a Black-owned business but didn’t know where to start, makes it easy. Shop BFM today and find a variety of amazing products that most shoppers may not have known were from Black-owned companies. Not looking to shop for anything but still want to support a Black-owned company? Click here to donate to so that they can continue to grow this project. Any dollar amount helps.  
Happy Juneteenth, and remember: Black Businesses, Black Funds, and most importantly Black Lives Matter!