The Addiction Brain Re-Train at Through The Archway

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought on unprecedented times. Despite that, Through The Archway still remains open and helping clients achieve permanent recovery. Many are still quarantining and living a rearchitected daily routine. There are many who aren’t living with family. This can mean a lot of alone time, which gives more time to think and reflect. 
Addiction is a disease. It’s not something that can be walked away from and never faced again. Triggers can present themselves throughout the day without warning. It’s especially difficult if substances have been part of the routine for a long time. It can be hard to remember a time when the true self was there.
Relapsing is easier than staying sober. This is why re-training the brain is so important. There are many triggers along the way and with everything going it doesn’t make avoiding relapse any easier. Here are some tips:
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Source: Through The Archway