The 2023 Multifamily Trends Guide: Insights and Predictions From Industry Leaders

The 2023 Multifamily Trends Guide has been released, sponsored by Rent Dynamics and in partnership with numerous Multifamily Industry Leaders. The guide offers a glimpse into the future of the multifamily industry, featuring expert analysis and predictions from industry leaders on a range of topics, including automation, DEI efforts, property management technology, and economic conditions.
According to Mike Wolber, one of the guide’s contributors and CRO at Rent Dynamics, “The technology companies that will thrive in 2023 will be the companies that are the most flexible. Flexible to your operating model whether you are centralized, property centric, or a mixture. Flexible with their API and sharing of data. Flexible with their service levels based on customer size and complexity – we will see more proof of concepts/bake-offs in 2023.”
Notable predictions from the guide include an increased focus on automation and artificial intelligence, a strong emphasis on resident retention, and the growing importance of personal branding. The guide highlights the increasing adoption of virtual reality technology for property tours and the continued shift towards more sustainable business practices.
The 2023 Multifamily Trends Guide is a valuable resource for industry professionals looking to stay ahead of the curve and prepare for the future. To access the guide, visit Rent Dynamics.
Rent Dynamics is grateful to the trendsetters who helped put this guide together: Mike Wolber – Rent Dynamics, Lidia Zaragoza – Hyly.AI, Steve Wunch, Paul Pergeron, Mike Whaling – 30Lines, Ellen Thompson – ResPage, Jennifer Staciokas – Western Wealth Captial, Tony Sousa – RPM, Brianna Speier – Zuma, Scott Spanier – LetHub, Nate Smoyer – Obie, Rebecca Smith – WPM Real Estate Management, Zach Sloan – Rentgrata, Farha Sheikh – ApartmentList, Barbara Savona – Sprout Marketing, Tara Samuels – Trash Butler, Megan Eales Monroe – Appfolio Property Manager, Tudor Manole – Macambo, R. Gray Lane – ECI Group, Alex Howe – Funnel, Evan Happel – Community Boss, Ryan Funt – Fitzrovia, Kristi Fickert – Realync, Michael Estep – Repli, Nicole Ellery – Thirty Capital, Sam Dunning – Web Choice, Adrian Danila – Lessen, Moshe Crane – Sage Ventures, Jamie Conde – GoDomo, Jude Chiy – Flamingo, Jennifer Carter – HappyCo, Jacob Carter – Nurture Boss, Emily Burke – Moved, Mike Brewer – RADCO, Michael Blumental – Hyro, Dom Beveridge – 20 for 20, Stephanie Anderson – Grace Hill, Chris Arnold – Authentic, and Trevor Park – Rent Dynamics.
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Source: Rent Dynamics