The 2021 Nissan Technology Upgrades is a Tech Lover’s Dream

Nissan Motor aims to equip all future vehicles with essential automatic driving functions. This technology allows Nissan’s more expensive models to be manually operated on the highway. With the expectation of selling 1.5 million such vehicles per year by fiscal 2021, Nissan will introduce more than 20 models worldwide with autonomous driving capabilities.

The carmaker will introduce its ProPilot 1 technology as standard on some models in 2021. This enables cars to automatically follow the vehicle in front of them while driving on the highway.

For 2021, Nissan unveiled a new Skyline sports car featuring updated ProPilot 2.0 technology. It offers the world’s first driver assistance system that combines highway navigation with hands-free driving capabilities. Automatic driving includes several driver assistance functions such as steering, acceleration, and braking, which can perform automatically in certain situations.

The Intelligent Back-up Intervention assists the driver in avoiding collisions with approaching vehicles and obstacles when reversing. The Intelligent Blind Spot Intervention helps the driver avoid a collision with lane changing by detecting vehicles in the blind spot. The available Rear Cross Traffic Alert assists the driver in avoiding collisions with rearward approaching vehicles when reversing. High Beam Assist automatically switches headlights to low beam from the high beam and back to reduce driving burden. Intelligent Driver Alertness helps detect driver fatigue and alerts the driver when erratic driving occurs.

With the NissanConnect App, you can use the smartphone app to remotely control your vehicle features and confirm the vehicle status anytime anywhere. The Intelligent Route Planner intelligently supports your journey, using various real-time information from departure to arrival. And all this could be enjoyed on the Integrated Display Interface; it is an advanced Integrated Display Interface consolidated display coupled with a clean design and easy-to-use operation.

These features are just one of many new innovations that will help Nissan build better cars than ever. They have spent years devising, testing, and perfecting these technologies, and they’re finally ready to be rolled out globally.